01/09/2023 20:30 £15.00/9.00 members
Marius Ptas (Jazz Funk Guitar)

Marius Ptas (guitar), Dom Pusey (sax), Craig Smallwood (piano), Roger Inniss (bass), Alessandro Lombardo (drums)

02/09/2023 20:30 £15:00/ 9:00 members
Jazz Dynamos (Jazz Vocal)

Anders Janes (double bass), Lucy Randell (vocal), Mark Adelman (keys),Dominique Metz (drums and backing vocals) and Stewart Curtis (sax, flute and piccolo).

08/09/2023 20:30 £12:50/7:50 members
Consummate Rogues (Blues, RnB)

Chris Rand (keyboards)

09/09/2023 20:30 £15:00/ 9:00 members
Dave O'Higgins & Rob Luft Quartet (Jazz, bass, drums, sax, guitar)

Dave O'Higgins (sax), Rob Luft (guitar), Luke Fowler (bass), Rod Young (drums)

14/09/2023 20:30 £15:00/9:00 members
Reggie King Sears (Blues, RnB)

Reggie King Sears (Guitar)

15/09/2023 20:30 £12:50/ 7:50 members
Frog &Henry (Jazz, New Orleans Stomp)

Joplin Parnell

16/09/2023 20:30 £15:00/ 9:00 members
Wild Card (Jazz, Latin Jazz)

Clement Regert (guitar), Sophie Alloway (drums), Chris Bland (keyboards)

22/09/2023 20:30 £12:50/ Free to members
Sam Newbould Quintet (Jazz, bass, drums, sax)

Sam Newbould (alto saxophone), Bernard van Rossum (tenor saxophone), Xavi Torres (piano), Jort Terwijn (bass) and Guy Salamon (drums)

23/09/2023 20:30 £15:00/ 9:00 members
Pearl Handled Revolver (Rock, Indie, Psych)

28/09/2023 20:30 £15:00/9:00
Backwoods Creek (Southern Rock, RnB)

30/09/2023 20:30 £12:00/ free to members
Unknown to Known (Jazz, Contemporary)

Idris Rahman, (woodwind), Tamar Osborn (woodwind),Jihad Darwish (sitar), Yusuf Ahmed (drums, percussion)